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  • Popular Courses

    IIB Course 1: Introduction to the Interactive Internet

    Introduction to Interactive Internet for Business The Interactive Internet Certificate program provides a course of study for those seeking to better understand and utilize the fundamentals aspects of the 21st century internet for business, employment and advancement. This program is also designed to serve working professionals and small, medium and micro business owners who are seeking to utilize the Internet to create or grow their business or work. Certificate Program The certificate program is designed to enhance skills, employability and entrepreneurial opportunities. Who Should Attend Participants with the desire to learn about technology and business as it relates to the 21st century internet. Student or...

    iima4gov Conference - Sacramento

    Steve Wright Welcome & Introduction   Marci Harris Marci Harris will discuss topics including the unique challenges of navigating new technologies from a staffer perspective; how experience in Congress led to the creation of; insight into the perspective of the tech community and its desire '('and reticence')' to engage with government; and predictions for the future.   Josh Shpayher Josh Shpayher will speak on social media use by government offices and officials, Congressional use of social media, and what's next in online politics.   Kerry Rego Kerry Rego will explain the methods people and businesses use to identify and implement the tools to make their lives easier, as well as using...